25 June 2014

Android and Google wishlist

Tomorrow is Google IO. The highlight of the year for all things Google, basically Christmas for an Android developer! There are millions of tech blogs out there speculating as to what we should expect. Sadly I'm in not at all affiliated with Google, or its employees, so I'm in no position to offer any insight what-so-ever!

I can however outline a few things off my Google / Android wishlist. This is very much a work in progress and I would love some comments and feedback on your thoughts / wants!

1) Android App Build Speed
This is a biggie for developers, I admit, I have no idea as to its feasibility. Building and deploying an app from Eclipse onto a device / Virtual Device takes forever. Especially annoying if you're working on the UI and need to tweak and deploy small regular updates. I wish it was super fast!

2) Google Now on Lock Screen
OK I haven't *really* thought this one through, as there are obvious security restrictions. However when I'm driving, I want to be able to say "OK Google...." Some things would be great when I'm in the car. For example, "OK Google, call Arthur Dent...." Very useful if I have bluetooth. "OK Google, play Guns N Roses". Again possibly brilliantly useful.

3) Android TV
Chromecast rocks, it really is brilliant, what happened to that idea of getting it built into TVs? That would save me a HDPI port and that annoying usb cable.

4) Upload my movies to Google Movies
I know this will never happen, but how bout letting me upload my existing dvd movies or ultraviolet movie collection to Google Movies so I can play them on my chromecast?

5) Google Photowall
Random one, my Mum doesn't shut up about photos on the TV. She will literally die happy if she can show her bffs her boring (trust me) holiday snaps on the TV. Preferablly controlled by her tablet. I did try a photowall product from Google but it was vaporware and a bit rubbish.

6) Shadows in Android
My boss is an iPhone user <sigh>. He doesn't shut up about Shadows! Sure we can add a hack with degrading lines but they don't look or feel as good or as natural shadows.

7) Java 1.7 for Android
Would be nice

8) Chromecast Que
I want to be able to que music. Through all my friends. Much like the Nexus Q. I want party mode, so all my friends can contribute to a shared music que from their unique music que.

9) Development on a Chromebook
I want a chromebook, I like the concept. However I can't justify a laptop that I can't develop on!

10) Bring back Ned Stark.

That's all I've got for now. Would love to hear your ideas....

I've updated this a bit as watching Google I/O. Seems like they got a few of my ideas sorted before I could articulate them ;)

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