11 January 2014

The death of noisypix.com

Some time ago I noticed every one of my (technologically challenged) parent's photos were taken at around eight million gigabytes. Backing them up was becoming a pain and taking up a huge amount of space! So I created noisypix, a simple website to upload photos and images too and be provided in return with a smaller shrunk down file which was more reasonable to maintain.

The core of the project was Coldfusion and I already knew photo manipulation was quite simple using
The exciting part of the project for me was going to be some HTML 5 goodness tucked in with some bootstrap, jquery and jquery filedrop.

Sadly time has passed and I've moved on to other things. Noisypix sits on a linux box with a copy of railo making it all tick. The problem being it costs me money! Not a huge amount but some, and I'm trying to cut back. Plus by the looks of Google Analytics, hardly anyone uses it!

So I've come to the painful decision to kill my linux box and let noisypix out into the wild. I'm going to open source it, post it on github and see what the world does with it. I doubt much will happen but I hope someone one day will learn something from it.

So sometime in February I'll be pulling the plug. If you'd like to check out my code and see what you think, or perhaps even improve and host it yourself, you're most welcome too.


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