21 January 2010

Update: Charting available in Flex

A while ago i posted an entry saying charting was not available to Flex users of the SDK. While i was upset (charting is cool) I understood that Adobe wanted to attract users to their Flex Builder (purchased) product over the free SDK. Well in the latest version i discovered to my surprise the SDK can now support charting. This is awesome, hats of to Adobe, it works great and looks amazing, and all for free, grata, no money!

Here's a very brief example:

1) Download the SDK and the data visualization pack (currently flex version 3.5):

2) Unzip install, etc, rtfm.

3) Create a blank text file with the extension .mxml

4) type the following code:

5) type something along the lines of this in a cmd window

C:\Adobe\Flex3\bin>mxmlc --strict=true --file-specs C:\flexie\chartTest.mxml

**should be obvious the first bit is cmd window telling me what dir i'm in, then the mxmlc is the executable to use for compiling and the rest is jarg, then the last bit is the location of my mxml code file.

6) This should deploy a .swf file to your code location. The swf file is then your flex app with some pretty little charts available!

I'll blog later with how to link these charts to something useful like a cf webservice.

Congrats Adobe on putting charts in the sdk, nice one.

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